RFG is a Leadership Consultancy Focused on Skills that Matter. 
Learning doesn't have to be BORING!






Hi, I'm Steve Aguirre

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Creator. 

CEO & Founder of Real Fun Growth Inc. 

We are a leadership consulting firm focused on delivering incredible content in the areas of communication, leadership, and mindset today - the skills that matter.


We believe that learning doesn't have to be boring. We design our workshops to keep you moving, discussing, interacting, and laughing. Most importantly we focus on providing practical, applicable, and valuable knowledge to grow your skill set. We aim for excellence because it drives, motivates, and inspires us.

Millennials and Zillennials love our content. Baby boomers are surprised to say they love it too.  

We run workshops, provide one-to-one coaching, give keynote speeches, lead webinars, and design learning programs. 

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Approach people with a spirit of curiosity instead of a spirit of animosity


Learning doesn't have to be BORING!

Focus on the skills that matter. Fun, practical, and focused on growth!

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