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Results Focused Coaching

We work with professionals one-on-one to transform their leadership skills, communication skills, and mindset. We target specific areas in which our clients want to elevate their careers or personal lives. Whenever possible, we will measure progress and impact in order to drive sustainable change. Specialities include: 

  • High-Stakes Presentations

  • Leading Teams

  • Personal and Professional Relationships

  • Difficult Dynamics or People

  • Career Strategy

In-Person Workshops and Webinars

We run highly interactive, engaging, and dynamic workshops.  During workshops, participants will be challenged to get out of their comfort zone. We design our programs to include multi-sensory learning. You can expect a mixture of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic experiences throughout the session. We also include stories, quotes, humor and social science research to keep participants engaged throughout the program. We have off-the-shelf courses but we also have the ability to customize programs when necessary. We understand the world is changing quickly, so we are equipped to deliver our content in a multitude of formats and all courses come with modules to sustain the learning. What separates our courses is we provide participants with a differentiated everyday experience that starts before the course begins and goes well after the coures in order to sustain the learning. Course formats include:

  • Full Day or Partial Day

  • Video Conference 

  • Webinar or Webcasts

  • Digital Modules

Keynote Speaking and Corporate Emcee

Steve Aguirre is an incredibly engaging speaker who gives keynote speeches on communication, leadership, and mindset. The keynote speeches are perfect for organizations looking to provide their team members  with a short, impactful, and unforgettable day that will include tangible takeaways. The keynote speeches will be funny, interactive, and practical. Steve has given two TedX talks (check them out under Knowledge Drops). Our keynote topics include:

  • Communication: How to Keep People Engaged

  • Mindset: Wiring your Brain for High Performance

  • Leadership: Unconventional Leadership Strategies

  • Emcee (We emcee conferences and corporate events infusing humor yet keeping it professional)


We have expertise in corpoprate culture and multi-sensory learning. When an organization is looking to overhaul its corporate culture, we provide support by conducting research, performing analysis, and creating an architectural systematic strategy. We help extract the core cultural tenets and help apply them throughout the organization. We also design multi-sensory learning modules because many organizations are looking to energize their training programs through exercises and experiences. Finally, we help organizations create effective communication that will engage and motivate their teams. Our specialty design areas include: 

  • Learning Design: Create Impactful Training Programs

  • Culture Architecture: Design High-Performing Cultures

  • Organizational Communication Design: Drive Impactful Communication 

  • Keynote Design: Give your Speech an Engaging Lift 

  • Structural Fun: RFG Partners with Organizations to Infuse FUN into the Workplace to Drive Results

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