Hi, I'm Steve Aguirre.

Overview: I am a coach, speaker, facilitator, and the founder of Real Fun Growth (RFG). I created RFG because I am deeply passionate about coaching and development but I found a lot of coaching and training is boring and impractical. RFG is a leadership consultancy focused on solving this problem by creating practical and engaging content that will drive performance.


In our experience working with clients we noticed a few challenges in the workplace. 

  1. Millennials are blurring the line between work and home.

  2. People’s attention spans are getting shorter.

  3. Academia does not equip people with life skills such as communication, leadership, and mindset.

  4. These skills are often taught in an impractical or un-relatable way.

  5. Employers are transitioning from hyper professional to more casual environments. 

RFG is focused on solving these challenges. If you are interested in coaching or training in a new way that will boost performance, then please email or call us. We look forward to speaking with you. 

Short Bio: I started my career in finance working for PIMCO where I held a multitude of roles ranging from back office to front office account management of large multi-million dollar organizations. During my time at PIMCO I worked both in California and Sydney, Australia. I went back to business school at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where I was president of the comedy club and I was a McNulty Leadership Fellow. After business school I switched careers and became a coach, speaker and facilitator working for a boutique consulting firm for 5 years where I worked with leaders on culture, leadership and coaching much of Wall Street, Fortune 500, and many other organizations. I started RFG to make a difference by equipping people with the skills that matter. I am also a Chartered Financial Analyst holder.  

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