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Strategic Cold Calling Made Fun

If I told you, "Guess what? You get to cold call all week." I bet you would rather pull out your tooth like Ed Helms from the Hangover movie.

I am clearly sarcastic, but it can be emotionally exhausting and nerve-racking to make cold calls. I remember one of my first cold calls, I was so shocked someone picked up the phone, I said my first, middle, and last name. Not my finest moment, but it's because, not only was I nervous, but I didn't prepare. This article will help you prepare for cold calls by discussing mindset, how to make cold calling fun, and how to prepare your cold script.

1. The Cold Calling Mindset: When most people think about cold calling, they focus on the downside. If you focus on the downside, you will NEVER pick up the phone. I know I wouldn't. On the other hand, the people who are great at cold outreach focus on the upside. Take a look at the list below and consider where you spend most of your mental energy before picking up the phone.

I have a question. Who are the salespeople companies covet most? Is it those who can sell to existing clients or those who can bring in new clients? The holy grail of sales is usually bringing in new clients because it is a rare skill. It doesn't mean that selling to existing clients isn't an important skill; it's just more common than bringing in new clients. Bringing in new clients via cold calling is a rare skill because it is neither easy nor enjoyable.

How can we make this torturous activity enjoyable? Here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. Find a cold calling partner. Find a colleague interested in signing new clients and set time to cold call together. Consider this person a gym partner. You will discuss your goals before you start calling, take breaks together, and debrief afterward. When you are in the trenches with someone, it is a lot more enjoyable.

  2. Get creative. Try using a joke, try calling at an irregular time such as 7 am or 7 pm, do jumping jacks before you call, or develop quick-witted responses to objections. Creativity can relieve some of the boredom you face.

  3. Set a numerical goal. For example, you will make 30 calls in one hour. It can be fun to set goals and to complete them.

  4. Play music beforehand. Select music that pumps you up, such as the Rocky soundtrack. The Rocky soundtrack reminds me that not everyone can do what I am doing, and cold calling takes guts. If we use music to keep us motivated in the gym, consider using it when you are in the cold calling gym.

  5. View cold calling as an experiment. If you view it as a make or break, it will remove the joy out of the activity. On the other hand, when people run experiments, they A/B test, track progress, develop a hypothesis, and view it as a learning experience.

Lastly, let's go through the five core elements of a cold call script.

  1. Use their name. Say their name because it grabs their attention. Don't say, "Hi, how are you today" because it gives the person a chance to shut the call down.

  2. Identify yourself. Quickly state your name and the company name. This information will provide credibility but make sure it is concise because people can't pay attention anymore.

  3. Build a value bridge. Prospects listen if you present an idea or hook that is compelling and tailored to them. Be careful of generic benefits because it demonstrates you haven't prepared.

  4. Make your ask. Don't delay; quickly make your request. Get straight to the point by asking, "when would be the best time to speak?" Or "how can I get time on your calendar?

  5. Quiet and simple. After they agree to a time, it is easy to fall into small talk and speak to much. Avoid over-talking and keep your closing simple.

Here is an example.

Now that we've gone over the mindset of cold calling, how to make it fun, and how to create your script, I hope you are able to enjoy the process. Good luck!

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