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Welcome to Real Fun Growth!

Meet moji Steve

Hi, my name is Steve Aguirre and welcome to Real Fun Growth! I will be your coach and I am looking forward to our journey together.

What is Real.Fun.Growth? Our sole purpose is to help you improve your personal and professional life with practical strategies all while having fun on the journey. We are also a leadership consulting firm that is re-imagining the corporate learning experience so if you think your company learning programs can be freshened up then send your team our way!

Why is this worth your time? The best way to change your life is to change the only constant in your life, YOU! However, changing yourself can be difficult work. Which is why we aim to make change and growth fun. We make it fun by using humor, creativity, science, stories, and more. It’ll definitely be worth your time.

How to consume? You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, or read written articles. We know you're busy so you choose how to consume. I am also available for personal coaching engagements, keynote speaking, and stay tuned for workshops and online courses.

Content buckets: Four buckets: 1) Communication: where we discuss how you can improve and enhance your communication 2) Brain & Self: most of us have brains that work against us so we will provide strategies on how to turn that enemy into an ally 3) Relationships: life is better when our relationships are better. 4) Leadership: I have an interest in many topics and this is my catch all bucket. If it doesn’t fit into the first three buckets and if it is real, fun, or will help you grow then it’s going in this bucket.

Who am I? I am Steve Aguirre and I am leadership coach, trainer, creator, comedian, and keynote speaker. I work with executives across the globe in an array of industries and I love what I do. Prior to leadership coaching, I worked in finance, completed an MBA at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the CFA. On the fun side, I lived in Australia for four years and occasionally perform stand up comedy.

My goal: Give you practical strategies you can use to enhance your life every week.

Why the name? Real Fun Growth. Three reasons!

First, Real! I believe in keeping it 100, being brutally honest, making things relatable, and giving you practical tips you can apply. Authenticity is one of my most treasured values and I believe when we are real with each other, life is so much better because we start connecting on our shared human triumphs and tragedies.

Second, Fun! An essential priority in my life is to have fun. Science shows that if you are having fun, life is better. Do you really need science to validate that statement? Everyone might believe that except for Russell Crowe. Have you ever seen this man smile? When you’re having fun everything is better, especially learning. We focus on making whatever you learn, fun, because you are more likely to apply what you learn.

Third, Growth! Some say if you are not growing you are dying. I believe if you aren’t growing you are not trying. I will challenge you to grow in both your personal and professional life because they are connected. If things are bad at work, it trickles to home and if things are bad at home, it trickles to work. If you grow and improve there is a trickle down effect on every part of your life!

If you like the content please subscribe to my youtube channel and sign up for my mailing list. Please spread the word because my site lives and dies by your word of mouth and if you don’t like the content I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on what I can do to improve it or make it better. Thank you and I hope we get to work together.

Steve Aguirre

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